July 23, 2008

Q&A with Hokie commitment David Wilson

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Virginia Tech landed a commitment from Rivals100 running back David Wilson on Monday. Hokiehaven.com caught up with the Danville (Va.) George Washington prospect for a quick Q&A.

The 5-foot-11, 192-pounder discusses his goals in track, how it helps him in football, how he got into football and much more.

Hokiehaven.com: Who around you was instrumental in your decision?

David Wilson: My parents, they have been there my whole life helping me make decisions and I continue to use them.

HH: How did you get into football?

DW: My big brother played football first. He always used to bring his equipment home and I tried to put it on. He told me to get out of his equipment and get my own. At the time I was playing baseball and basketball. The next year when I could, I decided to play. We never got to play together since he is older than me, but I guess you can say it was the competition with my brother. I wanted to prove I'm a better football player than he was. I started playing when I was in eight, in third grade. I played quarterback.

HH: Tell me a bit about your brother?

DW: My brother is in the Navy now. He's stationed in San Diego now. I used to come to his games and his nickname was Freight Train. He'd hit you and run over you.

HH: Also, tell me about your parents?

DW: My mom and dad are real strong Christian and they raised me that way too. I work with my dad a lot. He does construction work. I do that a lot with him still. That's probably where I get my strength and muscles from.

HH: When did you first get into track?

DW: I started running track to stay in shape for football. I started doing that in ninth grade. I didn't know I'd excel. In 10th grade I got noticed in indoor when I went to state. I placed in the top 10 in the state, and then I went to outdoor and came in third in the state and fifth in the country. I knew I was really good at track then.

HH: Clearly you want to pursue track in college, what is your goal in that regard?

DW: I want to go to the Olympics sometime during my college career and of course then go to the NFL.

I jumped 49 feet at nationals and placed first. I was told I would place third in the NCAA championships with that mark. If I can get a really good triple jump coach who can fix my flaws I could get even better. That's one thing the coach at Virginia Tech saw. He was watching my film on Milestat and said he saw some technical errors. I could probably end up going to trials in track during college.

HH: How has track helped you in football?

DW: It helps in running and learning how to use my speed in tight spaces. The lane is only so big and you learn when you get on the football field to hold on and run through. It has helped with my strength and the triple jump has been important in my body control. Doing that, you learn how to control and shift your weight. It helps a lot in trying to cut.

HH: Your obviously known for your speed, what are some overlooked qualities of your game?

DW: I do catch the ball out of the backfield. I can make people miss in open space and I am really strong. You can't just throw me to the ground. When you come to tackle me, you come with a hit and tight arm wrap. Sometimes I might drag you.

HH: Virginia Tech's coaches see you fitting in great at Tech, how do you see yourself fitting in?

DW: I think it's a real good fit. If I didn't see myself fitting in I wouldn't of committed. They are known for running the ball and I can slide in. I can be their next running back.

HH: How did Coach Stinespring stick out from other recruiters?

DW: He did it. He did everything to the fullest extent, writing letters and calling my coach. He's got so much energy and passion for what he is doing.

HH: Any thoughts on the upcoming season?

DW: I actually made my decision now so I can focus on the season coming up. It's my senior season and it's bigger. I ran for over 1,500-yards and 17 touchdowns last season. I have one more season to go at GW.

Part of my goal is to break the remaining records for running backs at my school. I already have the all-time rushing record. I need to get the single game record of 325-yards. Of course, every high school player dreams of winning the state championship too and I definitely want to take my team further than last year.

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