July 17, 2008

First offer in, more to come for Nance

Class of 2010 quarterback Nash Nance is new name to many, but it won't be that way for long. He has really taken off this summer after a couple of camps at Georgia and Florida. Since early June, he has heard from numerous new schools and many are trying to get him on campus. He was on one campus this week and he walked away with an impressive first offer showing he is more than just a QB.

"I was up at Harvard this week and I threw for the coaches there in their camp two times and they decided to offer me a scholarship before I left," said Nance.
"I knew that they were interested in me because I had been talking to them, but I did not really expect an offer. I met with Head Coach [Tim] Murphy before leaving and he told me that I was on top of their list and that they wanted to give me a standing offer. I was surprised and it was exciting to get my first offer."

Coach Murphy knows he coaches at one of the top academic institutes in the country and he used that as a recruiting tool while talking to Nance.

"He just told me that they were looking for a guy like me. He liked the way I threw the ball and he liked my grades. He really emphasized what I would be doing when football ended if things did not work out. Coach Murphy said I could basically pick my job if I had a Harvard degree. I felt honored to get an offer from them."

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