June 12, 2008

Green hungry for success this summer

He's been asked the questions, heard the snickers.

Since he was young, Broderick Green's weight has been a topic of conversation. Now, thousands of miles from him, and nothing has changed.

The big running back knows people talk about it; they always have.

"It sucks," he said, "but it's been like that my whole life."

The talk, it seems, hasn't slowed him down one bit.

"Growing up, I was always bigger than everyone else. I always had to take that," Green said. "I just brush it off. People are going to talk. I don't really care anymore.

"I know what I can do at my size, no matter how big I was."

At USC, it hasn't been all that different, with his weight a frequent topic of conversation, partly because Green arrived in Los Angeles too soft. It's a mistake he hasn't made this summer.

"I'm just in a lot better shape than I was when I came in last year," Green said. "I had some time to sit around and do nothing, and I got out of shape for a minute, and I'm still not in the best shape. But, I'm putting in a lot of work to get back to where I was and better."

Green's weighing 235 pounds, not far off of his target playing weight around 228.

Considering he had to stay off an injured foot for much of last season, Green said he's moving pretty well these days.

Green missed much of his first year, a year he redshirted, with a stress fracture in his foot. Green said the injury occurred while he was in high school, and he reaggrevated it last fall.

"I had no clue about it. I was practicing and everything. I had a pretty good fall camp on a broken foot I didn't even know about," he said. "I wanted to tough it out, and I wasn't going to say anything. It got to the point where I just couldn't take it.

"It was that bad."

So, he sat back and watched - and it wasn't for him.

"It was my first time being inured ever. It was terrible," Green said. "I didn't think it was going to be that big of an injury. I thought I'd be out a few weeks and I'd be back."

But the wait took longer than Green thought he could handle. Finally after spring practices, he was ready to put some questions to rest by running a good 40-yard dash time.

However, a hip pointer kept him from running.

"I wanted to show what I could do real bad," Green said. "I've gotten leaner and feel faster."

Now, though, he's 100 percent injury free.

"It's a relief. I'm making sure I'm wearing the right cleats," he said. "I've got orthodics in my shoes. I'm making sure there are no problems."

And it's a good thing, too. Despite being stocked at running back, Green brings a different dimension than any of the other Trojan runners.

With Green's size and strength, he could be USC's answer to short-yardage situations.

But just because he's bigger, Green knows he still has to work to get on the field.

"It's all about competing. I didn't play last year. I was hurt," Green said. "I sat around I watched, and those guys are in front of me. I feel like I just want to compete out there with them and get to the point where I can get out on the field."

Then, he said, people will know just what he can do.

"I want to get my name out there," he said.

People might still be talking about Broderick Green - this time for the right reasons.

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