June 1, 2008

Dowtin can't enroll at UGA in June

Most of the 2008 class for the University of Georgia moved into Athens on Sunday, but one that was expected is not there. Marcus Dowtin graduated with honors from Fork Union, but he will not be in Athens for the June session.

"We had all planned to be down in Athens today, but we were notified Thursday that the NCAA Clearinghouse had a couple of problems with Marcus' transcripts," said Dwayne Dowtin (Marcus' Father).

"We were packing things up, we were getting ready to go, and then we were told that there were some questions about a couple of his classes from his 10th and 11th grade years at Bishop McNamara and Georgetown Prep."

"His transcripts had a couple of his classes recorded wrong from those schools, so we had to call each one and get it fixed. We got on it right away and it is squared away now, but we missed the window to get him in for the June semester."

"We now have to wait for the July semester for him to enroll at Georgia."

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