May 30, 2008

Signee Update: Meet the New #93 has put together this 2008 Signee Update to give you the opportunity to learn more about the recruit and more about the actual person. His answers to our questions will tell you more about him this one feature than has been revealed over the past year. The 2008 signee featured is A.J. Harmon.

Part I: Harmon talks UGA and Recruiting

What is your current size and do you have a target weight for your arrival to Georgia?

"Right now I am 6-5 and 322-pounds. I hope when I get to Georgia I will be 318-pounds."

What was your workout plan as you prepared for UGA?

"Just keep running and running. I lift too, but my main thing is conditioning. My big frame and the weight I am at, I feel the most important thing is for me to be in shape. That is what I have been focusing on."

What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

"Going on visits and seeing the fans was the best. Just seeing people actually want you, meeting schools fans, the Dawg Walk, all of that was something great."

What was your least favorite part about the recruiting process?

"Telling the other schools that I was not interested in them."

How strong was your relationship with your recruiting coach?

"I talked to Coach Fabris and Coach Garner a lot and I have respect for them both. Coach Fab was my main coach and he always kept his word to me. He always told me he had my back, he was there for me, and so far, he has been there. Coach Fab was like an old cool cat, but was cool as a younger guy like Coach Billy Napier of Clemson."

Did you read any recruiting websites during the process?

"Oh yeah, I always read the sites. I read when I committed to Clemson where some of the Dawg fans were talking bad about me. I read about Georgia not having scholarships, I read about Dequan Bowers a lot, I kept up with A.J. Green, and then I read a lot about me committing and signing to Georgia."

What was the biggest reason you chose Georgia?

"My parents loved Georgia and they wanted me to go to Georgia, so that was a big reason. I am close to home, close to the family, and there are plenty of good reasons why I chose UGA, but my parents are the main one."

If you were not heading to Georgia, where you be going to play college football?


How was Georgia's recruiting different from the other schools that were pursuing you?

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