April 7, 2008

Savage got chills down in Athens

One of the Nation's best traveled down to Athens over the weekend for his first visit to the University of Georgia. Philadelphia (PA) Cardinal O'Hara quarterback Tom Savage spoke highly of what he saw at UGA after his first visit.

"The trip down to Athens was real good," said Savage. "It started off a little rough because it was raining and stuff, but it slowed down and I got to downtown at night to check it out."

"I went to the spring game and it was real cool and real nice watching all of the top players play. Then, that night, I hung out with starting quarterback Matt Stafford and he is a real good guy."

"I got to talk to all of the coaches and stuff and it was an awesome visit."

The 6-foot-3, 231-pound signal caller from up north has heard a lot about Athens and the Bulldog program, so did the actual town and program live up to his expectations?

"Oh yeah, it definitely lived up to my expectations. I saw all of the facilities and the facilities are awesome. The coaches are excellent. They are all very nice people and very loyal."

"I met some of the players and they were real cool and they have a real good click going on down there. I really liked it down there and it was just a pleasure being down there."

The coach recruiting Savage for UGA is QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo. Savage talks about his time with one of the top young coaches in the game.

"Coach Bobo and I have a real good relationship and we talked a lot," Savage said about his time in Athens. "When I got down there and got to talk to him in person, he was a real cool coach, he definitely knows his stuff about quarterbacks, and that is one thing I like."

"He knows his stuff, and he is just going to teach me, and he said he can't wait to get a hold of me down there, and I really like Coach Bobo a lot."

Other than Coach Bobo, he spent some time with Head Coach Mark Richt during his visit as well.

"You talk to a lot of coaches, a lot of head coaches and they are not sitdownable and can't really talk to them, but Coach Richt is a very personal guy, a really good coach, he is young, he is upbeat, he knows his stuff about coaching, and I really liked the time I had with Coach Richt."

"He told me the situation down there and my family, actually, my Father and my Uncle really liked him, and I really liked the guy too."

Savage went a little deeper into what his conversations with Coach Richt were like and about.

"He didn't really force me into any decision," he said. "He didn't tell me to commit right away, he just said to think about it. He talked to me about everything. He talked about his family, he talked about my family, we talked about his whole career as a quarterback and coach, and then we started getting down to the football aspect of it."

"He just told me the situation and it is a real good situation down there. They are obviously going to be running for a championship every single year and he just told the whole situation. He told me that it is not going to be easy, that there is going to be competition, but competition is going to be everywhere, and I respect him for telling me the truth. They are going to take two quarterbacks and that is just part of football."

He had time to sit down and talk with some of the Bulldog coaching staff one on one, but he also got a chance to see how they have coached up their team this spring. Savage had some good things to say about the Dawgs and their spring game performance.

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