April 3, 2008

Hawkins talks about the spring, next season

spring thoughts..

"As far as the offense, I feel we've gotten better. I feel like we're doing a lot more with the run and that's exciting, you always want to run the ball as a running back. So I mean, I feel like it was really good for like myself and the runnings as a whole. But as far as me, I feel like I got a chance to just, get back to just being more natural running with the ball. I did go through some tendonitis with my knee, so I've just got to make sure that I get that right this summer but as a whole, I think it went really well."

More carries.

"Definitely, that's a part of football, that's what you want to do. You want to have the ball in your hands and as far as I'm concerned, it's a leadership position not only as far as carrying the ball but just being an influence around you, the younger guys. That's exciting to me, cause like I said, you want to be the guy and hopefully I can do that and get the opportunity to do so and I'm excited about it."

Differences between Coach Kitchings as opposed to Carter..

"As far as Coach Kitchings and Coach Carter, I think the differences are that Coach Kitchings is about being natural and Coach Carter was more.. kind of maybe, tried to make us robotic at times. That's one of the things that I'm really excited about because I feel like I run better and I can see the field better whenever I'm not thinking about all of this other stuff. Whenever I'm just focused on getting yards and just running. As far as being natural, that's exciting to be able to have that feeling back because I think it makes me a lot better. I'm excited about being able to carry that over into the season.

"And I feel like Coach Cain has done a great job as far as giving us good plays and then as far as this summer, he's going to give us a lot more stuff that we can work on so we can help each other [the running backs] get better. So it's going to be a lot more, I guess, strategic working as a team in the summer time, so I figure that's going to help us carry over in the fall.

"I should be here June and July."

younger backs..

"I definitely think as far as the younger guys, as far as playing time in real games, there is a lot of stuff you can't emulate in practice, so there is a lot of stuff still to learn but I think they're doing a great job picking up on what we're trying to do and I'm excited for them because they are doing really well.

"And as far as me and Jeff, we've just got to take the load and we've got to come out and play hard and do well. I mean, a running game has to set a tone for just every down. We've got to do our thing and hopefully that will carry over and help the team do better."


"I'll just say I'm excited about it."


"When I got here I was probably like 175 and now the highest I've gotten is like 203. I'm going to try to get up to about 205 and carry that through the season."

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