February 9, 2008

Q&A: Tech's newest addition - Austin Zouzalik

So how did this go down last night?

AZ: Last night I was at a basketball game and Coach Riley called and was asking me about my weekend plans and the itinerary for the visits to Arizona and to Baylor and everything and then he said 'do you mind if I throw a little kink into your plans' and I said 'yeah please do' and I figured maybe he was gonna offer and then he said 'we're gonna offer you' … I was speechless.

Who were the first people you told?

AZ: I called my parents, then I called some of my buddies and then texted some too, my phone was pretty much ringing non-stop after that.

You played quarterback at Coronado, have they said what you are going to play at Tech?

AZ: I'm going to sign as a receiver but if that doesn't workout I can move to safety, it's just whatever. They just talked to me a lot about my vision on the field.

Have you talked to anyone in the signing class yet?

AZ: Seth Doege texted me last night and told me it was about time, I thought that was pretty cool.

Now that it's over talk some about your recruitment and how Texas Tech handled it.

AZ: I went to their camp the summer before last and last summer so they talked to me a lot. They talked to me about offering at times and I pretty much kept in contact with Coach Riley and Coach Holgorsen throughout the year and then I had an official visit a couple of weekends ago They were very honest with me. When they didn't have the scholarship for me they told me not to hold out so I kept going on visits and then last night when he told me I was shocked but I'm pumped about it.

We've been asked about you a lot in recent weeks about why you haven't gotten an offer etc. … talk about the local support you've received.

AZ: The local support has been pretty sweet. Coronado had a pretty good season this year so that got us some attention, it's been great.

How long have you wanted to go to Texas Tech?

AZ: It's been my dream for as long as I can remember and then when my cousins Ryan and Greg Aycock played there I kind of got a little insight into what it's all about. Then when I played in high school I knew it might be a reality and then after attending camps I knew I could do it.

Talk about your speed, d you feel like that is something that separates you from everyone else?

AZ: I feel like it does. After the camp when I ran that (4.36 40) it's when all of the coaches came over and started telling me I had a chance and everything and that is one of the main things they see right now. I can see myself returning punts or kicks or blocking them too, it's just whatever.

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