January 17, 2008

Does Givens still plan to attend CU?

Doug Rippy, Bryce Givens and Josh Williams all switched their pledge from Nebraska to Colorado shortly following their official visit to Boulder in mid-December. The talented threesome all talked about the bond they had developed during the recruiting process.

But Williams took an unofficial visit to Nebraska last weekend and switched back his pledge. The 6-foot-4, 220-pound defensive end from Denton (Texas) Ryan now plans to sign with the Huskers.

"I had been trying to talk to Josh for a little while, his phone has been disconnected and I thought he was maybe a little shaky," Givens said when asked about Williams. "But Doug [Rippy] and I will both be fine at CU. I talk to Doug quite often and that is how it used to be with Josh.

"But I totally respect and understand Josh's commitment. He's gotta do what he's gotta do and I respect him. We're still friends and it's all good. Come Thanksgiving time each year, though, he's just going to have to get his butt whooped."

Givens admitted that he had a couple meetings with the new coaching staff at Nebraska. But he remains a solid commitment for Colorado.

"I feel good about my decision," stated Givens, who attends Denver (Colo.) Mullen. "I feel good for the home state fans and my family. That was one of the big reasons why I chose CU. I'm glad that they are going to be able to see me play. And a lot of my friends at school are going to CU so it's exciting. I'm extremely happy I made the decision I made."

Givens played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio earlier this month. He broke his hand in the first practice in preparation for the game but he put on a cast and was able to play.

"It was great going out there and competing with all the great players that were out there," Givens said. "I thought I played pretty well. Being down there for only a week, learning the offense in a week, learning how everybody plays and not being able practice much, it was interesting. But I thought I did a pretty good job. I didn't allow any sacks in the game. That was my main goal."

When asked which defensive linemen impressed him in San Antonio, Givens mentioned R.J. Washington and Wes Horton from the West and William Green from the East.

Givens currently measures in at 6-foot-6, 245-pounds. He has stated in the past that he hopes to get up to 270 by the time he enrolls at CU.

"I have been having a bunch of blood work tests done," Givens said. "Because my metabolism has been going through the roof and I am having a real hard time gaining weight and my appetite has been really low and so the doctors thought that I might have thyroid disease but I just got those test results back and they were negative. I guess they are sending me to a children's hospital next week to get some substantial tests done and find out what is wrong with me. I should have an answer within the next couple weeks.

"A lot of people have been giving me a hard time, 'Well, in 30 years from now you'll be wishing it was the other way around'."

Givens is currently working out with local trainer Loren Landow and fellow CU pledge Jon Major.

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