January 8, 2008

Some of San Antonio's finest

The week of football in San Antonio, Texas was one with an overflow of information, and for Sooner fans it may have been hard at times to get a real feel for where their four commitments, and few remaining targets fared in their time. So it's time to take a look at how each player did in his week under a national spotlight unlike anything they had seen before.

Stephen Good , Offensive Tackle -
Analysis: Early in the week it was clear that Good was still trying to find his feet as a right tackle. For those who have never played along the line it seems an easy transition from right to left, and while they are similar in many ways, the movements are by definition, exactly opposite. Good had to work hard to develop his step to the right, but I think it's a blessing in disguise for the Sooners as it's the position that I see Good playing at as a Sooner. In the game he did well against speed rushers like William Green.

Ben Habern , Center -
Analysis: Simply put there was no more consistent player this week among Oklahoma commitments, and perhaps at all, than the Rivals250 member. While Baker Steinkuhler obliterated just about every other interior linemen on the West squad, and the East for that matter, he was a continual stalemate with Habern. Through the game Habern didn't get much of a chance to show his ability with so few blitzes, and lots of combo-blocking. However, anyone who watched Habern felt he was the most technically sound lineman in San Antonio.

Justin Johnson, Running Back -
Analysis: Johnson was definitely the player of the group that did the most to not make too many waves, but didn't hurt his reputation either. Johnson's problem was being caught between the infinitely talented Darrell Scott and burner Sam McGuffie. The two both brought such unique skills to the table it was sometimes hard to see what a solid all around player Johnson is. Johnson proved again he is going to be a great player, but in a single game variety those all around skills can be, and probably were, lost.

Jameel Owens, Wide Receiver -
Analysis: Early in the week Owens struggled to get himself looking fully healthy with a nagging injury that bothered him all season for the Muskogee Roughers. He had some good moments in practice and was clearly the most physically developed of any receiver on either team but did little to alleviate a growing concern about his top end speed to create separation from top flight cover corners, however in fairness his injury may have had something to do with that. One thing that Owens did show through the week was the ability to communicate with quarterbacks to help put the signal callers and himself on the same page.

R.J. Washington, Defensive End -
Analysis: I know, I know, no one can stop talking about Dequan Bowers and there is no question that he looks like a very special player, but I'll cast my lot with Oklahoma's highest ranked defensive end recruit in a couple of decades. Washington was told he couldn't match-up with Matt Kalil's pedigree, footwork, and technical ability, challenge met. He was told all week in San Antonio that 'Big Mike' Adams was going to be too much for him and Washington harassed the East quarterbacks all game long. Washington likes competition, which makes him a safe bet.

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