December 28, 2007

Wallace will be missed at A&M

Texas A&M senior center Cody Wallace comes across as a laid-back, quiet guy going about his business in the classroom and on the football field. At least that is how Wallace appears to the media when he walks into a press conference.

On the football field, however, Wallace has turned into one of the premiere centers in the nation as a Rimington Award finalist this season and one of the top center prospects, if not the top depending on whom you talk to in April's NFL Draft. He is blocking machine on the field, but now with one game left in Wallace's collegiate career it comes out that Wallace isn't that quiet individual he portrays in the media room.

"Y'all don't know Cody Wallace really well. He's a really great guy," said A&M offensive coordinator Les Koenning Jr.. "I'll bring up a story that I had with him. This is a great one now. I check curfew, so I'm going around knocking on all the kids' rooms. I come to Cody Wallace's room. He jumps out. He's wrapped in toilet paper, and scares the living tar out of me. I jump back five feet. Well, obviously he got a kick out of that. So the next week, I've got to knock on his door again to check curfew. He's got a mask. It's a haunted house. The next week, I bring a policeman with me and let him knock on the door to make sure everthing's okay. He had a big kick out of us checking the room. He really did."

Wallace doesn't just show his personality with his coaches, however. Other offensive linemen have testified to Wallace's jokes and persona during his time at A&M, but as it is with any center, the relationship you form with your quarterback is a strong bond.

A&M junior quarterback Stephen McGee's relationship with Wallace began quickly during his first start of his career against Texas at Kyle Field in 2005. Not surprisingly, the story brings a chuckle.

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