December 24, 2007

Just Joshin': How did the 20 Fearless work out?

In this edition of Just Joshin' it is time to do a review of my annual pre-season '20 fearless'. For our many new members who have come along since the season's beginning the fearless are a scary look inside my mind mixed with a few opinions on just what might take place in the 2007 season. And on Christmas Eve it's time for the critic to open up himself up for criticism to see if he got even one thing right about this season. The first quote will come from the initial story posted on August 30, and the second will contain commentary on just how wrong, or hopefully, right the predictions ended up.

20. At least once a week Oklahoma's ESPN highlights will possess a Reggie Bush reference.
Analysis: THEN: "No matter how obvious it is, no matter how tired it is, we're going to hear the Demarco Murray and Bush stuff until we're all wondering where Boomer Sooner ends and 'Fight On' begins." NOW: I don't know how much attention you all paid but to ESPN's credit they really didn't over do it and let Demarco work on his own merit, but after his leap in the Cotton Bowl I was left thinking of Adrian Peterson more than Bush. A miss, but not a bad one.

19. In spite of two years lost to injury Ryan Reynolds will emerge as Oklahoma's best linebacker.
Analysis: THEN: "You listen to Reynolds talk about his excitement of a return to action after being injured in the summer of 2006, and again earlier this spring, and you realize motivation won't ever be a problem. It seems that Las Vegas native is regaining the lost confidence in his knee…" NOW: Somewhere Curtis Lofton is laughing at me. Lofton may be the best linebacker of the Stoops era and Reynolds never looked like he was back to his full functionality this season. It looks as though he could wind up with a career very similar to that of Pasha Jackson a good player that never really starred.

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