November 22, 2007

Ten reasons for Tiger fans to give thanks

There are certainly things in life to be more thankful for than Missouri sports…but for Tiger fans so far this year, there aren't many. As we do each Turkey Day, gives our top ten things of which Missouri fans should be proud.

10. Keon Lawrence's love for the game

Spend five minutes around Keon. I challenge you to come back and tell me you don't fall in love with the kid. I don't mean to be mushy, but Keon's smile can light up a room. And he's funny as hell. For a kid that came through what he endured as a child, it is simply unbelievable that he is where he is. Basketball pulled him out of hellish circumstances and he plays with a joy unmatched by any other Tiger. And, yeah, he's a pretty good player too.

5. Ben Askren's career

We spend 99% of our time on the two major sports. Football and basketball drive the bus. But Missouri wrestling has had the most high profile athlete at the school for the last two or three years. Askren is the best to ever come through Columbia and he dominated his sport unlike any other Tiger. I spent St. Patrick's Day watching a college wrestling match during a party. It's never happened before. It probably won't again.

3. Chase Daniel's leadership

A story has gone around about Daniel talking to play-by-play man Mike Kelly in the El Paso airport after the Sun Bowl. A crushing fifth loss of the season, Daniel simply said, "I'm not used to losing this much." One guy can't make a football team great, but Daniel's been a major part of it. For three years, Pinkel has told us Daniel is a leader unlike any other quarterback he has seen. You don't win without a general at quarterback. Daniel's a hell of a general.

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