November 14, 2007

Croom unwinds following win over Tide

Following one of the biggest wins in recent Mississippi State history, Syvlester Croom took time to unwind with his biggest fan - his granddaughter. "I spent the evening with my granddaughter," said Croom. "And I enjoyed it."

In the after glow of Mississippi State's 17-12 win over then No. 21 Alabama, Croom retired to his home where he was able to relax with family.

"We were able to sit and talk and just enjoy each other's company and that's what I did," said Croom. "She's getting close to five years old now and she loves her Papi and Papi loves her."

Croom said it was late Sunday night before the physical and emotional drain of the weekend finally caught up with him.

"I went to bed early but didn't sleep until after midnight," said Croom. "That was my weekend."

Croom said the final thirty-eight seconds of Saturday's game with Alabama were the 'longest thirty-eight seconds of my life', as the coach found himself reliving some infamous fourth quarter letdowns of his past. One game in particular, his final game as an assistant with Green Bay, stuck out moreso than others.

It was in that game that Terrell Owens hauled in a game-winning touchdown pass on a fourth-and-22, costing the Packers a possible trip to the Super Bowl.

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