November 11, 2007

What did Sanders think about UGA?

The University of Georgia is rolling in recruiting and they currently have 23 verbal commitments. They are looking for those final key pieces of the puzzle to make this class complete of one of their top remaining targets is Ohio offensive tackle Zebrie Sanders. Sanders is a four-star recruit and he was in town with him mother and little sister. This visit is now over and Sanders shared his thoughts on UGA with us right here.

"It was a great visit and I had a great time," said Sanders. "It was my second official visit and it was my best. I was kind of rushed at Florida and I had plenty of time to see everything at Georgia."

"I got there on Friday and I met up with my host Aron White. He was a real cool guy and we got along great. I then ate lunch with Vince Vance and Trinton Sturdivant and they were cool too. That is basically how my visit started."

Meeting the Bulldog players meant a lot to Sanders because he wanted to see if he could blend in with the guys or not.

"I am usually nervous around new people or kind of shy, but those guys made me feel comfortable and right at home. They were all great and every Georgia player I met made me feel comfortable."

"It was nice to talk with them, find out more about Georgia and get some of my questions answered early. I had a few questions and they answered them very well. I had a good experience with them and they helped Georgia a lot."

Another thing that helped Georgia was the atmosphere at the blackout.

"I had been hearing about it and everything, but all I had was my normal clothes that I brought down from Ohio with," he said. "My mom got up at 7am on Saturday morning and went to buy me a blackout shirt that they were selling in Athens."

"She knocked on my hotel room and gave it to me, so I fit right in and wore it to the game. The crowd there was amazing and the blackout was sweet. I was on the sidelines looking at the fans and it looked amazing."

When on the sidelines looking at the fans before the game, he also spoke to the Georgia offensive line coach. Even the coach did not know about the black jerseys.

"Coach Searels told me that Georgia was all about tradition and they only wore red at home, so he had me fooled. I just went up in the stands thinking they were going to come out in red, but the place went crazy and I saw them in the black. It looked great and is something I would definitely want to wear if I went there."

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