November 7, 2007

Brandon Rodd Q&A

Mentioning the nine sacks that the ASU offensive line allowed during last Saturday's 35-23 loss against the Oregon Ducks, to Sun Devil senior left tackle Brandon Rodd, and you can immediately see the anguish on his face.

As one of the captains of the team, Rodd can't wait to get back on the field. But until this Saturday rolls around, he will be making sure his teammates keep their eyes on the prize - a potential Rose Bowl invitation.

We caught up with Rodd to hear his thoughts on the Oregon game, UCLA's defensive ends, and the development of some of his teammates.

What have you learned from watching the Oregon game film?

"We had breakdowns in everything. The tackles, we took bad steps. And Rudy didn't get the ball off - it's been the same story it has been the whole year. They were bringing the heat and we didn't protect it."

What were the major half time adjustments made by the coaching staff?

"It wasn't anything major. Oregon did everything we thought they would do. It's just that all of our techniques were really bad, and we weren't seeing things and making the correct reads."

Would you say the stadium noise, affected the way the linemen were able to communicate?

"Not really, because we did everything [communicating] on the sideline, but still the noise was ridiculous. I couldn't hear myself think at times."

What was Coach Erickson's message to the team after the game?

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