November 4, 2007

Sunday Conversation with Bobby Bowden

Bobby Bowden spoke to the media on Sunday about Florida State's 27-17 upset victory of No. 2 ranked Boston College on Saturday evening. Bowden talked about the significance of the victory, the growth of the offense under Jimbo Fisher, the play of such players as Drew Weatherford, De'Cody Fagg, Preston Parker, and much more.

Q: You've been saying for a couple of years now that you were that close. Is this the type of game where "that close" might put you back to where you want to be?

I think it's something we've got to build on. We're definitely not back yet, but those are good signs that you're looking for right there. There are so many reasons you won that game, such as no turnovers and things like that. That's why a lot of these teams are pretty darned good. You notice the ones that get beat usually are the ones that turn it over the most.

Q: How important do you think it is for Drew Weatherford, a junior with a lot of starts under his belt, to have that kind of success back to back.

This is what I expected going into this year. If you remember this summer, I said we haven't had a redshirt junior quarterback starting for us for a while. And that's when our quarterbacks usually start for us. I said I think they will produce this year. And now he's producing like I thought he should, being a redshirt junior.

Q: In the time that Drew was out of the lineup, did you see this performance coming with him?

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