November 4, 2007

Shannon: I hate losing

A day after UM's stunning overtime loss to NC State, coach Randy Shannon said of the game that "We cannot go one for 14 (passing) and try to win games. We have to get better quarterback play. Missed field goals is unacceptable also. It's hard for me and this coaching staff to say that you run the ball 60 times, have 314 yards rushing and lose the game. But you can't grovel over spilled milk. We start on Virginia this afternoon."

Quarterback Kirby Freeman had one of the most dismal days in Hurricane history, hitting on just one of 14 passes with three interceptions.

"Yesterday Kirby wasn't there ready to get us to win the game," Shannon said. "We were all confident he could go in and execute the game plan. It wasn't hard, but he made it more difficult than what it is."

Shannon said Freeman was nervous during the game.

"It baffles me," Shannon said. "He led us down the field against FSU, led us in the bowl game (last year), in Boston College. For him to be nervous, I don't know where it came from. He shouldn't have been nervous. He's done it before. He just had to execute. You rush for 314 yards, the game should be easy for you to dink and dunk, get it done that way. We ran some naked (bootlegs) with him and guys were open and he chose not to throw the football. He threw an interception on a drop-back pass, throws it up high. I don't know if he was trying to make a play, where his mindset was. Coach (Patrick) Nix will go over his thought process."

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