October 25, 2007

Stafon Suffering

At some point we can expect Stafon Johnson to just shrug his shoulders, and, like a character out of Slaughter House 5, just mutter, "So it goes." He has been through a rollercoaster season with the highs of showing off his immense talent and the lows of injury and defeat.

Wednesday night on Howard Jones Field, Johnson calmly answered the same three questions about his injured foot for three different reporters after a long, painful practice. He looked defeated trying to give a percentage on his foot's health; but as those questions ended and he began talking about the positives of the season, calling his injured foot "spilled milk," he started to show the confidence and poise that makes him one the most dynamic and charismatic people - not just players - on the team. the milk, rather than constantly mop it up.

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