October 23, 2007

Dorrell upbeat at press conference

It was a much more upbeat Coach Karl Dorrell during Monday's press conference. Winning a big game can to that for a coach. Dorrell was very pleased with his team as for the first time all season, his team was hitting on all cylinders. Now the question is can they continue that trend and build on the good the Cal victory brought.

There some interesting questions that were asked of Dorrell at yesterday's press conference. This is part one of a two part series.

Dorrell: "Good afternoon, we knew the week before the Cal game we had to definitely improve. We knew that we had to nurse up and get well to play. Particularly last week we knew that there were issues that we needed to continue to play and build from and improve over the course of the bye week. To give ourselves a great opportunity going into last week's game.

"That bye week allowed our quarterback to comeback, with Pat (Patrick Cowan coming back, he wasn't 100 percent, but he was close to a 100 percent and he played well in a game and it also allowed for us to improve in a lot of different areas that allowed for a big, big victory for us this past weekend.

"It was our first game I felt that our team played a complete team effort football game. The defense played very, very well as you know. That's (Cal) a very prolific offense. It is very balanced. It has a strong run game, a very good pass game and an experienced quarterback and our defense did a nice job controlling the rushing yardage in the game."

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