October 22, 2007

Coordinator Q&A: Jimbo Fisher

On Monday afternoon, offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media during his weekly press conference. Fisher spoke about such subjects as the change at quarterback, the improved rushing attack, the status of Damon McDaniel, and much more.

Q: Coach (Bowden) had another luncheon …

Did he really? What was his announcement?

Q: Drew's starting …

Yeah, he is.

Q: Talk about the decision.

One, I think Drew's come back the last week and a half and been practicing better. He's really been into it and really done a good job on the side. We talked with Xai and I talked with him today. We went through the mistakes, talked about the good things and bad things. We tried to get his feet back on the ground and take a little pressure off him for a minute and get him back to playing ball. Like I told him, it's not like he's out of the picture. He's going to be preparing like he's playing. We thought we'd start with Drew and take a little pressure off of him.

Q: Will you try to get Xavier in there regardless of what Drew is doing?

No, it's Drew's game. I think that when you start going in saying those things, you've got to go by the flow and the momentum of the game and how you're doing and how that goes.

Q: Coach Bowden said he was going to approach you on doing that. What was your answer?

I agree with him. I think at the end, Xavier puts pressure on himself and sometimes you have to step back to go forward and I think it would be a good time to take a deep breath. But by no means is he out of the picture and I still think we'll need him to win football games.

Q: You mentioned the pressure on Lee, but you can't avoid the fact that in the four games he's been in, the passing numbers have gone down, the turnovers have gone up. Is that because he's been putting more and more pressure on himself?

The passing numbers going down … but another thing, too, is that he throws the ball down the field a little more. He's taking more shots down the field, so your percentages won't be quite as high. If I'm not mistaken, and I might be wrong, but the yardage, some of those things, might be up. It's give and take with how you look at it.

Q: Is that reflective of the fact that he is putting pressure on himself?

Xavier's been a guy whose thrown the ball down the field well and at times has been … he gets real hot and sometimes goes through a stretch there and get a little cold at times. We just took some more chances and were more aggressive. That was a good thing we were doing up until these last two ball games. We weren't turning the football over. We had five in the first part and I think we had eight in the last two games. Sometimes it goes like that. You go back some years and you win games and lose games and I always say turnovers are the greatest determiner of winning and losing. It always has the greatest impact. I saw a stat the other day on Auburn. In the two games they lost, they had 10 turnovers. The four or five games they won, they had four or five. It's just … it happens. You turn the ball over and you lose. We'll fix that and move on.

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