October 22, 2007

Stanford moving up

There are two ways to look at Saturday's win over Arizona. The first way is that Stanford won the game fair and square. It does not matter how it happened or how well the team played because Stanford won the football game.

The other way to look at Saturday's performance is that Arizona lost the game, meaning that Stanford was handed the win. The Cardinal did not play well, but Arizona played much worse and Stanford was able to end out on top.

Either way you look at it, it does not change the fact that Stanford won a football game that it likely would not have won last year. The Cardinal made enough plays to win the game and it seems that last year it simply would have made more plays to lose.

No longer will Stanford be considered the doormat of the conference, as that prize goes to Arizona, who is now certainly looking for a new coach. This was a game that Arizona absolutely had to win and Stanford refused to let them have it.

After the game, Jim Harbaugh said it best as he described that there are no wins that are better than others.

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