October 14, 2007

BCS ranking a tribute to the program

The season is only at the half-way point. However, the first BCS rankings of 2007 that has USF No. 2 is very special to a program that was nothing more than a dream 11 years ago.

Things can change quickly, beginning with a talented Rutgers team on the road Thursday night. But USF athletic director Doug Woolard said it was a time to applaud this football program and its players and coaches.

Taking Leavitt's lead, the USF players will not suffer from inflated egos this week as they prepare for their second Big East Conference game of the season.

Five of the six computers used in the BCS rankings had USF No. 1. Ohio State is top ranked, thanks to finishing first in the USA/Today coaches poll and Harris Poll. But the computers, which make up a third of the BCS rankings, were not so impressed. Three of the six computers did not rank Ohio State in the top six.

The NCAA Division I-A (FBS) strength of schedule rankings, based on games played, had USF's schedule the 12th toughest in the country while Ohio State was rated 72nd. All of the computers use strength of schedule to determine their rankings.

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