October 8, 2007

Longhorn Hot 11

Throughout the football season, we at Orangebloods.com will offer up our insights about the Longhorns that we believe were the hottest players on the Texas football team.

It's a fine line ranking the top players from week to week, and there are usually several guys that just miss the cut. As always, we encourage readers
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the Forty Acres
board to offer up their own opinions.

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Rank Player The Analysis Last Week
1 Jermichael Finley Finley's performance in the first half was nothing short of spectacular and his big plays were a big reason that Texas was able to claim a 14-7 lead in the second quarter. Finley stretched the field to the tune of 149 yards and one touchdown on just four catches, and he showed the type of superstar ability that's been hiding for most of this year.
2 Colt McCoy The harshest of critics have put a good chunk of the blame on McCoy for Texas not getting the win (it's the nature of the position) but the redshirt sophomore was actually very good. McCoy threw for 324 yards and two scores. He did throw one interception, but the fault on that play is up for debate since most feel like it was a catchable football. 4
3 Quan Cosby If you're a Longhorn fan, how can you not love Quan Cosby? All this guy does is give 100 percent on every single play and he seems to get the job done every time his number is called. On Saturday he caught only three passes as McCoy spread the ball around, but his work in the return games was exceptional. 7