October 2, 2007

Lynch says Minnesota's offense will look familiar

The spread offense can be difficult to prepare for, but the Hoosiers will have one luxury in practicing this week for what Minnesota does offensively. IU's own playbook and offensive sets happen to be similar to the Gophers'.

"This is a spread offense," head coach Bill Lynch said at his weekly press conference. "They're like us. They'll get under center and they'll play a traditional set at times, but for the most part they are spread."

Lynch said that will make game preparation this week a familiar one for the defense, because Minnesota's offense is similar to what the unit has seen since Lynch implemented the spread offense when he arrived in Bloomington two years ago.

"The fact that our kids play against that style of offense throughout the spring and fall camp, certainly when they go out and start practice today it shouldn't be a big change like if all of a sudden you're going to be getting ready for a triple option, Navy or somebody like that," Lynch said. "It's a different week of preparation because of the formations and the styles of offenses."

Lynch and some members of the coaching staff will also have some familiarity for how the Gophers like to move the ball. Mike Dunbar, who is Minnesota's current offensive coordinator, was at Northwestern and coached under Randy Walker when the Wildcats were one of the top offensive teams in the Big Ten in 2005, averaging over 500 yards.

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