September 30, 2007

Shannon: It's not me vs. Butch Davis this week

A day after Miami's lackluster 24-14 victory over Duke, coach Randy Shannon summed up the game by saying, "It was a good victory because it was an ACC first win. We were happy about that. But some areas we need to clean up, especially with the offensive line, all the holding penalties we had. That was unacceptable. We have to stress it this week, emphasize it. Guys who get holding calls we'll address it after practice each day with the offensive line. The interceptions, one was Kyle Wright. He said as soon as he came off the field he never should have thrown it back across his body. That's where most interceptions come from, because you think you can make a big play. The other one going to Leonard Hankerson, it was called for a 12 yard route, he went 18. That gave the corner time to come back.

"The good thing was Graig Cooper improved his performance protecting the football, Kyle made some scrambles, got hit from behind, protected the football. We still gave up two big plays on defense. Both were basically the corner didn't get the guy back to his leverage. On the screen play the corner screwed up again. Those things happen. If we play good defense, run around and cause turnovers, that is great because we get field position that way.

"The defensive line did a good job of pass rushing, putting pressure on the quarterback. Thaddeus Lewis did a great job of standing in there because he took a lot of shots during the game. The kickoff team was a lot better, the coverage team was a lot better. They flew around. Duke might have been one of the top teams in kickoff return this year as far as average. Our kicker did a nice job of placing the ball down there and the coverage team was a whole lot better. This upcoming week we have to get a lot better as we get ready for North Carolina."

Asked if he has any thoughts on going up against Butch Davis at North Carolina on Saturday, Shannon said, "No, not at all. It's not me against Butch or the University of Miami against Butch. This is a whole different team than when coach Davis was here. I know coach Davis, six other guys on that staff. We're friends. But when it's a football game it's just a regular football game. They have to come out prepared and the best team will win, whoever does the best job on the field."

Asked about Sam Shields' and Ryan Hill's status (they were benched against Duke after violating unspecified team rules), Shannon said, "We'll see how their attitude is. (If it's good) they'll get back in the thick of things, which I think it will be because they saw somebody (step up) named Kayne Farquharson. So I think they'll straighten out real well and they'll start practicing the right way.

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