September 26, 2007

Horns looking for ways to get Chiles involved

Now that true freshman quarterback John Chiles has finally made an appearance on the field for the Texas Longhorns, the trick for offensive coordinator Greg Davis is to find new ways to get the young playmaker on the field as much as possible.

According to Davis, the Longhorns have been working on a few plays that should give opposing defenses a different look than they've seen on film, while at the same time getting a dynamic weapon like Chiles a chance to contribute.

"We want to keep doing some things that would involve both (John) and Colt at the same time because John is a guy that can do a lot of different things," Davis said.

Davis added that they key for Chiles is finding situations for him where he can best succeed.

"Obviously, he runs the zone read pretty well. He can do some of those things that we've been working on," Davis said. "We had a little package with the two of them, but we only used it once and they blitzed it and it looked like it was something new. We have four or five plays that are designed with that group of people. If it works out, we'll keep having a little package and once you get a foundation you can expand it a little bit. You can put them out there and do some different things."

McGee impresses, but Charles is still the main man

Another player that drew rave reviews for his performance against Rice was redshirt freshman running back Vondrell McGee. After averaging 10 yards per carry against the Owls, there's a good chance that McGee will see more playing time in the future, but it likely won't come at the expense of starting running back Jamaal Charles.

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