September 25, 2007

Terrelle Pryor favors three

Jeannette, Pa. quarterback Terrelle Pryor narrowed his list down to six schools last week with Ohio State, West Virginia, Penn State, Texas, Florida and Tennessee making the cut. The nation's No. 1 player talks a little about each and names three schools that stand out above the others at this point.

"I wanted to get it down to five schools but I couldn't do that just yet but there are three that stand out the most right now," said the 6-foot-6, 235-pounder. "I'd say that Ohio State, West Virginia and Florida stick out the most and Penn State, Tennessee and Texas are behind them."

Pryor has an official visit set with Ohio State for the weekend of Nov. 2 and has said he will visit West Virginia officially as well. What does he like about each of his top three?

"Ohio State, I just have a good feeling about them," he said. "I like the coaches and a lot of the recruits who have already committed there have become friends of mine. It's a great program and it's a big stage. I've been up there and felt comfortable and I think they will allow me to do what I do best in that offense.

"West Virginia could be the perfect offense for me. I see what they do and it plays to my strengths because you have the freedom at quarterback to be creative and make a decision about running or passing.

"Florida is a great program and they're going to be in the national title hunt for a long time. It's more about the offense for them though because every program has ups and downs and I'm not going to choose a school because they always win. I think every one of my teams have great years and off years."

Pryor also commented on the other three schools on his list.

"Penn State is close and I've been there more than anyplace else so there's a comfort level there. If I decide to stay closer to home it's a good option for me because the fan base is huge there and it's a good program.

"Tennessee is more about the coaches than anything else. Coach Cutcliffe is a great guy and I have as good a relationship with the coaches at Tennessee than I do with anyone else.

"Texas isn't recruiting me as hard as the others so that's why they're not as high. Mack Brown is the only head coach of the final schools I'm looking at that I've never met. I'm not sure how much they want me. If they were to recruit me harder I'd probably have more interest."

Pryor doesn't have any additional official visits scheduled and still isn't sure when or if he'll take all of them. Can we assume that he'll visit Florida, Texas and Tennessee officially?

"No, I can't say that," he said. "I might visit Texas is they show more interest and I'd like to see Florida and Tennessee but I can't say for sure I'll visit each of them. I'm going to continue to talk to the coaches on the phone and get a feel for them and see who I feel comfortable with and who wants me the most. I don't want to waste my time or anyone's time if there's not mutual interest."

Pryor had a huge game this past weekend against Southmoreland. He rushed for 143 yards on three carries (all for touchdowns) and completed all seven of his passes for 171 yards and another score.

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