September 16, 2007

Sunday Conversation with Bobby Bowden

Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden spoke with the media on Sunday, one day after the Seminoles knocked off Colorado, 16-6, in Boulder, Colo. Here is a transcript of that conversation.

Q: Coach, you got one coaching first out of the way by going out to Colorado. Now you get to come right back and get a chance to coach against Alabama.

Yeah, I was on the staff back in '65, when we played Alabama in Tuscaloosa. But I have never played them as the head football coach. So, anyway, that's our next one.

Q: You've said that Bear Bryant was kind of a mentor in your mind. This has to be a very special game to you in a lot of ways.

Well, that's my home. Of course, when I was coming up, the University of Alabama was always my team, and the team I followed. The team I cried over when they lost when I was real young. The team that I kept a scrapbook on back when I was 14 or 15 years of age. I still have it today. I don't still keep scrapbooks today, by the way. But I just wanted to look back at it sometimes.

Q: Coach, Jimbo said after the game that he was frustrated with basically everybody on the offense. He said he was going to open things up to new challengers at basically every position. Do you think that was just end-of-the game frustration, or are you really going to be looking at everything this week?

I think it's like every game. When you look at the film, you get an entirely different impression. Maybe one guy breaks down on one play; it's not like the whole offense broke down. A lot of times, you look at the film and you settle down a little bit. That was a very frustrating night offensively, because we worked so hard to keep the things from happening that were happening. But yet at the same time, [we had no turnovers]. That's so big. To me, that's one of the first things our offense has to learn, is to protect the ball. So in that regard, you protected it good enough. You turned it over none, which the way your defense was playing, means you can win. The old phrase, "You've got to keep from losing before you can win." Maybe we're at that stage now.

Q: Can you talk about Preston Parker? He seems to be making big play after big play.

Well, he sure has. It looks like he's for real. It's not like he does it one week and then don't do it the next week. He did it during spring training, and he's done it the first three ballgames. So that's a plus.

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