September 13, 2007

More to The Hawk

He's put on three different jerseys in four years. He's pouted during games. He's stomped up and down sidelines in protest. He wants the ball - he pleads for the ball. But he also laughs, smiles, jokes around, helps teammates, and voluntarily runs laps after practice. Surely-there's more to Lavelle Hawkins than the common observer would ever know. Fortunately, the senior wide receiver is finally starting to show it.

There they were. Sitting, standing, anxiously waiting for him to arrive. The round table is full - completely full of eager question-askers and professional enthusiasts waiting to hear an ear full from "The Hawk" himself. On a team full of characters, everyone who knows anything about this Cal roster knows you can rely on the boisterous Hawkins to speak his mind.

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