September 9, 2007

Sunday Conversation with Bobby Bowden

The following is a transcript of Bobby Bowden's Sunday morning question-and-answer session with the FSU beat writers:

You don't want to find out this way, but you're certainly finding out about this team's character.

That's what you do find out. You do find that out. If you're beating up on people all the time, you don't know what you've got. Wait until you get to a tight game and you'll see what you've got. I think you do find out a little about the character of the players. They played two games and haven't laid down in one yet. I don't know if nowadays if you can go through a season … as a matter of fact I know you don't … where you don't have to play 60 minutes every Saturday. We had to play 60 minutes against Clemson. We had to play 60 minutes to win the other night. You can wear your club out, not getting to rest anybody, not getting any reserves in. We need to just keep winning somehow.

You haven't heard on Antone (Smith) yet?

I haven't talked to Antone. He just got knocked cold. That's the way it seemed to me. He was out. And then I think they must have been afraid of something, paralysis or something. Then he must have moved and everything and came to. They took him over to the bench and when I talked to him, he could understand what I was saying and felt OK. I don't know if he wanted to get back in or not, but I'm sure the doctors, after getting hit in the head like that, are not going to let you out for a while. But he looked good. This is the day after. I don't know what it is today.

You could be without him and Mickey.

Yeah, I know it, boy. It's … because Mickey's got to be careful. He can't afford to be gambling with his health. We'll miss him if he's not there.

Much has been made about concussions lately. How conscious are you of them now, when you see a kid like Jae Thaxton who had to give up football. It kind of hit home more now, I guess. I can't remember another player in recent years that's had to give up football.

I can't either. Well, the doctors just won't play around with that head. I'm sure there's probably some pro teams that maybe don't doctor it as close as we do. In other words, he'd have gone back in.

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