September 6, 2007

Q&A with linebacker Jordon Dizon

BOULDER, Colo. - Jordon Dizon won his first CU athlete of the week award following his 22 tackle performance against Colorado State in the Buffaloes' season opener last Saturday.

The senior inside linebacker took time out to talk with following Wednesday's practice.

Your unit was on the field for a long time on Saturday but you guys really excelled down the stretch in the fourth quarter and in overtime. How much of that is a credit to all the hard work you guys put in with Coach Pitman this off-season?
Jordon Dizon: "Huge. Coach Pit did a wonderful job with us this off-season as far as workouts and especially weights. We became a lot stronger and we ran our butts off in the summer. So hats off to him for getting us ready for the game. It did come down to conditioning at the end and we were ready for it."

I remember reading that you often need an IV at halftime during games because you are going so hard. I'm guessing last Saturday was one of those games?
"Yeah, I actually got two bags on Saturday. It was hot and I actually started cramping at the end of the second quarter. I think we had been on the field for something like 50 plays at the end of the first half and usually you get 60 or 70 plays a game. So we were out there quite a while and a bunch of people got IVs."

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