September 3, 2007

Notebook: Offense searching for answers

Coming off a game in which his offense managed just 291 total yards and scored one touchdown, offensive coordinator Al Borges has been hard at work trying to find the answers.

Fans looking for an easy fix may need to lower their expectations.

"Everybody wants to point to one thing because they want to find a spot to blame but as a coordinator and a football coach, I've watched that game five times now, every single position, and I promise you it's not one thing," said Borges.

According to Borges, the breakdowns came from nearly every part of the offense. At times, it was almost like going up against K-State's defense a man down.

"We had a lot of 10-man football - 10 men doing it right and one breakdown resulting the play to be negative," he said. "We had some opportunities too. After watching the tape, I'm convinced if we had just been a little better execution we could have scored some more points.

"We're just not well-oiled and against a heavy-pressure team like that, and you don't take care of all your business, they are going to hit your quarterback. They hit our quarterback and we didn't run the ball well enough to keep the pressure off. That's always our nightmare."

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