September 2, 2007

Horns better use week one as a wake-up call

There is a large group of young men, staff and coaches that woke up this morning and when they rolled themselves out of bed, they put their feet on the floor, wiped their brow and said, "Wow!"

If not for Division I-AA Appalachian State going into Michigan Stadium and knocking off the No. 5 Michigan Wolverines, Texas' struggles with Arkansas State would be a much bigger story on the national landscape.

I really do not make too much of early season expected wins, or even the loses. They are set up to guarantee a few things (usually wins and money) and sometimes because of the nature of them, it doesn't always pan out quite the way you planned. Michigan didn't realize it until the game was over but they probably paid Appalachian State a few hundred thousand dollars to travel to Ann Arbor and ruin their year and put their coach on the hottest seat in the country.

The football season is like the NCAA basketball tournament. You really are trying to survive and advance. That's why you see a No. 1 seed struggle with an eight seeded team and still go on to win the National Championship in a blowout. Texas had a few close calls in 2005 when it won the national championship so in essence, the Horns survived until they got to the big stage when they were able to win it all.

I suppose my biggest problem is that I can't decide if Saturday night's game was a result of energy level and overconfidence or if it was just bad football. There is a distinct difference and it might be a little of both.

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