August 23, 2007

ASI Insider Report: Back to work

Mickey Andrews returns to work (By Ira Schoffel, The Osceola)

After taking three days off to be with his family after the death of his only son, Ronnie, defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews returned to Florida State's practice fields Thursday morning.

Though his players and fellow coaches could sense that Andrews wasn't his usual fiery self at the start of practice, he apparently started getting back to normal as the morning continued.

"He started off a little down, but as practice went on, he got more enthusiastic," junior linebacker Geno Hayes said.

FSU coach Bobby Bowden said earlier in the week that Andrews would be free to take as much time off as he needed, but the Seminoles' players were not surprised to see him back one day after his son's funeral services.

"I'm not surprised," Hayes said. "He's a tough man. It took a lot for him to come out here today. We are just happy he's back."

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