August 21, 2007

Even in review, Dorrell likes scrimmage

The second practice of the day had more energy but the after effects of a hard fought scrimmage were still lingering over the players, but the effort was solid. Before too long the season will arrive and fans will see in earnest the hard work that this team has put in since the spring.

UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell was peppered with questions after the evening practice.

How is Patrick Cowan?

Dorrell: "Well he tweaked his hamstring. I don't know exactly yet so I pulled him out immediately so he doesn't try and do it again. He wanted to come back in. We'll see what he's like."

What is the post mortem on Saturday? Have you had a little time to think it over?

Dorrell: "We had a chance to look at the tape and view everything and it was as good as we thought we were after the scrimmage. I thought there were some good things on both sides.

"The offense did some good things. There are still a lot of things we need to correct and improve on.

"The defense played well for the most part so it was a good midterm grade. That was the whole thing to see if we could get a good midterm grade and finish up with a great finish for camp and get ready for Stanford here this week.

"I was pleased."

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