July 9, 2007

Littrell has more options than ever before

Perhaps the greatest irony currently associated with the Texas Tech football team is that the squad's greatest depth is at running back. At Auburn, Ohio State, Southern Cal or Penn State, that would scarcely raise an eyebrow.

But this is Texas Tech, home of Captain Scragger Leach and his ship of mad aerial pirates, an enterprise where ballistics is next to godliness and infantry is next to unknown. As such the budding cornucopia of tailback talent seems like a twisted joke wrought by a mirthful Poseidon.

But if there's one man on the Tech coaching staff who appreciates a good joke, it is running backs coach Seth Littrell. Regardless of the strange happenstance whereby he holds a straight flush despite a deck that is theoretically stacked against him, Littrell sounds like a man planning to take full advantage of the winning hand.

"This competition is not only going to be a two-man race. Like I tell everybody every start of two-a-days and every start of spring, everybody is competing for a starting job and whoever the best guy is at the end of that deal will probably get the most playing time, but we need everybody."

Now that may sound like typical coach-speak, mere hot methane intended to buoy the spirits of even the lowliest fifth-stringer. But in Tech's case, the notion that numerous players could contribute significantly at running back is genuine.

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