April 16, 2007

Edelman makes most of difficult situation

Though off-season shoulder surgery has kept Julian Edelman off the practice field this spring, the Kent State junior quarterback is doing what he can to help the team, even if that means leading the other injured players through their spring exercises that include walking around the playing field and light calisthenics.

"It's getting better; we put in sit-ups now and we're starting to get that in," joked Edelman. "It's not fun just watching, but it's going all right, I guess."

Edelman is making the most of a bad situation. He spends a lot of time during practice discussing with head coach Doug Martin the plays the Golden Flashes are running and all the different scenarios that could take place in a game.

"We discuss all possibilities and what we should do before a play, pre-snap reads before a play, and when it goes we see the result and we discuss that afterwards," he said. "There is not a play that we're not talking."

Watching spring practice has its benefits. Edelman arrived at Kent last fall and was immediately thrown into the mix, so he didn't have the opportunity to sit back and learn the offense. The time away from the game has allowed him to sit back and evaluate each play to get a better understanding of how things should work.

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