April 3, 2007

Chris Wilson breaks down the progress at DE

Chris Wilson has spent the spring working with a young, but talented group of defensive ends. The Sooners will have to replace several veterans at defensive end heading into 2007.

There is excitement in Wilson's voice when talking about the young talent he sees at his position but he also has been busy trying to mold the inexperience into something usable throughout the spring. SoonerScoop.com Editor Carey Murdock caught up with Wilson to talk about the development of the defensive end position and the young players who are catching his eye after two weeks of spring practices.

SoonerScoop.com: I wanted to talk to you a little bit about your defensive end position but obviously we know about John Williams and Alonzo Dotson so could you talk about those two and their progress so far this spring?
Chris Wilson:
Alonzo coming back for only about five practices, he's still a little off and we're trying to shake the rust off of him. The one thing he does have is a lot of experience and knowing what should occur. The biggest thing is that he's technically sound.

John on the other hand, I expect him to be a little bit farther ahead of where he is right now. He's not doing bad but he's not playing up to the level I hold for John in that regard.

Auston English is really making some strides and I really like his potential and he's getting better and better with each rep and some of our young guys are coming along. Jeremy Beal and Pryce Macon, those are the two guys that are really standing out right now out of that young group of guys.

SS.com: I know in past years we've seen three-man rotations and heck, in the Holiday Bowl season we saw a two-man rotation during that year - do you feel pretty good about being able to get a four-man rotation set before fall gets here?
No question, there's not a doubt in my mind with those guys because it's just muscle memory, it's repetition. Them having the opportunity to earn reps in practice is about the smaller things. If we can get them doing the smaller things they'll be fine athletically.

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