March 13, 2007

Reed Williams got religion

MORGANTOWN--Monday afternoon, Rev. Rich Rodriguez stood among his disciples in a big circle and proclaimed: "Today, we're going to separate the pretenders from the contenders."

And then the West Virginia football team went out and bashed its head in for a brisk two hours.

"We get after each other. I don't know how many teams get after each other like we do. Every time we put the pads on, it's a war. Coach Rod settles for nothing less, believe me," said middle linebacker Reed Williams.

In a tranquil mode, the seventh-year head football coach said: "It was a cleansing moment really. We wanted to separate the pretenders from the contenders. We want people who love football. We don't just want them to like football. We want them to love football."

Count Williams, the 6-foot-2, 235-pound rising true junior middle linebacker, among the anointed.

"Anytime you block our linebackers, they're going to come down hill," said right tackle Jake Figner. "He is definitely going to pop you face-to-face. Everytime you block him there will be a collision. He will work you too. He's almost like a Boo McLee, the way he ducks underneath you. Hitting you with the crown of his helmet reminds you of Boo, even though Boo was on the outside. He'd come up and get underneath you."

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