March 8, 2007

Clint's Carolina Recruiting Roundup

To say that UNC is in good shape with the elite kids in the class of 2008 is to say that hurricanes are windy rain storms. In other words, it's the understatement of the year. The outlook for UNC with the elite juniors in the nation is nothing short of spectacular.

The future is indeed bright, and the forecast is Carolina Blue.


And as to whether he's offered a verbal commitment to the Heels yet? He hasn't.

He tells that he'll let everyone know of his decision at the end of the season. The perfect response from a kid who's giving all of his focus to his high school team and their run at the Ohio state title. But make no mistake about it -- all signs point to Chapel Hill for the prospect with an impeccable work ethic, an insanely positive outlook and jaw-dropping athleticism. He's the type of prospect, much like Shane Battier or Sean May, who can not only portray a positive image on the court, but off of it as well. He's well-spoken, intelligent and has an amazing presence of character.

Be excited Heel fans. Good news is on the horizon here.


We also caught up the slender Ed Davis of Benedictine High School in Richmond earlier this week to see where he stood with his recruitment and instead of narrowing his list -- he's expanding it.

"Yeah, I still have my five schools -- Virginia, Georgetown, Virginia Tech, UConn and North Carolina. But I'm also now considering Kentucky, Louisville and Miami."

The 6-8 Davis has still not been offered a grant by the Tar Heel staff -- probably due to the outstanding position that they're in with Roe, but nevertheless, the shot-blocking specimen from Mechanicsville continues to list them high on his wish list.

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