March 2, 2007

The Booker Diaries #3: Back from the Combine

Lorenzo Booker worked at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this past week taking part in the performance testing as well as speaking to personnel from every NFL team. He has now returned home and turns his focus to private workouts as well as Florida State's upcoming Pro Day.

Lorenzo Booker Diary #3

It was good, it was good. I didn't think we would be as busy as we were. I have never been more mentally exhausted in my life. Mental exhaustion is worse than anything, but what made you feel better is that you knew there were a lot of guys at home that wanted to be in your shoes. I met with every team in the league. I didn't get to put up numbers, but the fact I'm so versatile makes my stock shoot up. It canceled it out. I didn't get to be as productive as I wanted to. I felt like I should run a 4.3 but I ran a 4.4. The scouts said you play faster than that and they turn to the film. When it came to the drills, it was easy that I was the best guy there. I'm pleased with it.

Me and Danny Ware had so much fun, we exchanged numbers. During the drills, we were pumping each other up. It was great. I've always enjoyed going to combines and Senior Bowls so you can get to know the guys you saw on t.v. and measure your ability with theirs. I'm just ready to start playing football again. You look back and say what did this have to do with playing football, but I understand it's a process everyone goes through.

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