December 7, 2006

First look: LSU


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What will it take for Notre Dame to snap its eight-game postseason losing streak? The Irish will have to contend with one of college football's best defensive lines and top quarterbacks, says Mike Scarborough of The LSU reporter gives a first look at a Tigers team ready to meet the Irish in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Pete Sampson: Before the year there seemed to be some hesitation from LSU fans to embrace head coach Les Miles, but the guy has had back-to-back 10-win seasons with a Sugar Bowl bid this year. Is he starting to win over the entire Tigers fan base now?

Mike Scarborough: I think that no matter what he does, there's always going to be folks just stuck in the Nick Saban era. Those fans just haven't snapped out of that yet. But when you look at what Miles has done here and you look at Saban's tenure at LSU, there's not a whole lot of difference with the exception of that BCS national title.

In the SEC, you've got to look at the schedule when it's in your favor and when it's working against you. This year in the preseason everybody picked Auburn to win the West because of the schedule. Next year, everybody is going to pick LSU or Arkansas to win the West because of their schedules. LSU had to play at Tennessee, at Auburn, at Florida and at Arkansas, which everybody knew would be a tough game before the year, but maybe not as tough as that team turned out to be. That's four rough games on the road right there and LSU won two of them.

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