November 29, 2006

Weekly Diary: Rennie Curran

b> keeps you on top of commitments, rumors, and all the breaking news. We will also help you get to know who you will be cheering for in the future through our weekly diary feature. This takes you into the life of a future Bulldogs. Today's diary is by Rennie Curran.

Curran is a 5-foot-11, 212-pound linebacker out of Brookwood High School and he committed to Georgia back on April 9 at the G-Day game.

He dreamed of playing for Georgia years ago and that dream will come true in a short amount of time.

Right now, Curran is going through his senior year at Brookwood High School as he prepares to become a Georgia Bulldog. You can see what Curran goes through day by day as he gets closer to Athens in his weekly diary.

Wednesday November 22

I was woken up early by my mother on one of the only few days I got to sleep in. It was thanksgiving break finally. I hopped out of bed, got washed up, and drove my mother to work. I still don't have a car and I wanted to use hers, so I had to drive her all the way downtown to Grady hospital for work. I headed back home with going back to sleep being the only thing on my mind. By the time I made it back my tiredness was gone and I headed over to wal-mart to buy a couple things. I stopped by the chiropractor to get my back taken care of before heading off to practice after that. I threw my clothes into my locker and then headed into the lodge with everyone else in order to watch some films. Everyone was sleepy. We watched more film on Roswell to get us ready for the game on Friday. After watching films of two teams they played we hit the locker rooms to get dressed and head out on the field for practice. We did our usual special teams before going into offense for a good hour and thirty minutes. After offense it was time for the defensive part of practice. We got all of our last looks and reps in against our scout team before coach called us together. He gave us a few words on how he felt about the Roswell game before letting us speak amongst ourselves. Me along with the rest of the captains discussed the importance of the game with the team before we broke our meeting. After practice was over I stopped by my friends house to look at some trucks, then headed over to Sam's club with Natalie so I could by a couple things for thanksgiving. You can't have a thanksgiving without some sparkling apple cider and some chicken wings. After buying some food I stopped by natalie's house to hang out with her and her little brother for a little while. I walked in to find them both watching Bob the builder. I hung out and played with Jose for a little while before heading home to see my family. Everyone had come home including my sister Musu who came from her college in Barnesville. It had been a while since we had all been in the house together, so we were all just cracking jokes, and having fun together. I hung out with my family for a while, talked to Natalie on the phone, and called it a night.

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