November 14, 2006

Weekly Diary: Rennie Curran keeps you on top of commitments, rumors, and all the breaking news. We will also help you get to know who you will be cheering for in the future through our weekly diary feature. This takes you into the life of a future Bulldogs. Today's diary is by Rennie Curran.

Curran is a 5-foot-11, 212-pound linebacker out of Brookwood High School and he committed to Georgia back on April 9 at the G-Day game.

He dreamed of playing for Georgia years ago and that dream will come true in a short amount of time.

Right now, Curran is going through his senior year at Brookwood High School as he prepares to become a Georgia Bulldog. You can see what Curran goes through day by day as he gets closer to Athens in his weekly diary.

Tuesday November 7

I woke up early even though we had the day off. I started the day cleaning up my room and getting everything organized. Just as I was finishing up, my father came in the room to give me a lecture. I was tired and really didn't feel like hearing it. He felt like I wasn't staying focused, I wasn't working as hard as I use to, and basically thinks I'm going to mess up, which really made me angry inside. Of course I wasn't crazy enough to talk back because it just would have made the lecture longer. After hearing him talk for about an hour, it was time to head off to practice. We planned on watching some of the Parkview film, so we all met up in the lodge to watch it. We watched the film from the previous year before getting dressed, and hitting the field. It was pretty cold, and to top it off it was raining, so things were pretty droopy. About 20 minutes into practice it started pouring. That's when coach called for everyone to go inside. We headed back inside the field house, threw on our tennis shoes, and headed to the gym for practice. I knew the day would be extra long. We started on offense. I did nothing but sit on the wall and talk to my boys since I only played on the goal line offense. After an hour it was time for defense where we went over Parkview's plays. Inside defense with the front 7 was followed by team defense, and team offense before practice ended. Coach talked to us for a little before we headed off for films. After watching more films I got dressed and headed over to Zaxby's to eat some chicken wings. I was dieing hungry and killed the food as soon as I got it. From there I stopped by Natalie's house to see her and her brother for a little. We were supposed to go look at some trucks, but the rain restricted us from going anywhere far. I left her and headed home soon after to meet up with Carol Rogers from the AJC, who wanted to do an interview with me and my parents. I arrived home and soon my parents came right before Carol arrived. She asked us a lot of questions about my Liberian heritage, my parent's history, the history of Liberia, and a lot of questions about the war in Liberia. I found out a lot of things I hadn't really been sure about when it came to my country. Knowing about all the struggles my parents went through to get over to America and make something of themselves makes it hard for me to make excuses, make mistakes, or even complain. A lot of times I take for granted that the situation in Snellville, Georgia is not the situation everywhere. The interview really opened my eyes to a lot of things. After the interview I started on the homework, called Natalie, and hit the bed to get ready for school in the morning.

Wednesday November 8

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