November 2, 2006

Freeman: Tomorrow brings a new day


Q: Coach Larry Coker said you'll probably play in the first half this week. He's said that was also the plan the last couple of weeks. How frustrating is it that you're told you're going to play early and then you don't get in?

Freeman: It's frustrating. When you almost get beat by Duke, get beat by Georgia Tech … that was the initial plan from the beginning of the season, to get me in the first half of every game. It's been the plan from the get-go. It's not coach Coker's fault. It's the offense's fault. We're struggling. We're not real good right now. Now, we're working our tails off to be better. It's just a work in progress. We have some young guys, that's all there is to it. Miami's offense is not the best it's been right now, there's no doubt. It's difficult for me to sit back and watch, because I feel I can make a difference. I've told coach Coker that on many occasions, and he believes I can -- it's just he's not going to make a change just for the sake of making a change.

Q: Some people figure why not give you some playing time now ... what is there to lose?

Freeman: I completely agree. Now, I'm not ever going to beg anybody for anything. Coach gets paid the big bucks to make the big decisions, and he's done a great job. I'm just going to leave it to him. He knows me. He knows our offense, has seen what it can do. Right now I take it personally. If I'm not playing, then I'm not doing the things it takes to play obviously. Is it a struggle for me? Absolutely. But can I do anything about it? Not really. I'm trying to look at it the most positive way possible, and I have all season long. I played in more games last year than I've played in up to this point. I've only played in three (games) this year, not real meaningful playing time. Cleanup duty is getting in and handing the ball off, and I'm beyond that. This is my third year. It's difficult. It's constantly looking for a promotion just as you do in any business, trying to work your way up. And you're just not right now. I'm simply not. It's a hard task to take on, but I'm trying to do the best I can.

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