November 2, 2006

Turnover Wednesday with Ryan Kalil

How did I feel about the loss?

Well, Wednesday night at Howard Jones Field felt less like a football field and more like a principal's office. It was my first trip back to the practice field since the unspeakable events of the weekend and things just didn't feel right.

Maybe the 'principal's office' analogy is off-base; SC football is my girlfriend and we just took a little break after a rough weekend. We both missed each other and regretted some of the things we did and said on Saturday.

Does John David Booty ironically represent her personality? Is the 'not-so-flashy' Steve Smith her stunning good looks?

Who knows, this girlfriend metaphor could go on for days.

I grasped on to the brightest and most levelheaded of all the players on the team; Ryan Kalil is my rock.

"It's tough to swallow," Kalil said about the weekend, "but I'm well over it and have bounced back from it. Can't go back and change anything about it now, so the biggest thing is what we're going to do about it now."

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