November 1, 2006

Longhorn Hot 11

Throughout the football season, we at will offer up our insights about the Longhorns that we believe were the hottest players on the Texas football team.

It's a fine line ranking the top players from week to week, and there are usually several guys that just miss the cut.

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Rank Player The Analysis Last Week
1 Colt McCoy McCoy's final statistics - 21-of-31 for 256 yards and four touchdowns - were extremely impressive. But as much as anything, it's McCoy's ability to lead the team back that puts him on top of this week's list. How good has he been? He's getting some serious Heisman run, and that's all you need to know.
2 Lyle Sendlein Texas rushed for 227 yards on the day and Colt McCoy, as usual, was given quite a bit of time when he dropped back to pass. It all starts with Sendlein at center and he was named the team's top o-lineman by the coaching staff for the second straight week. 9
3 Aaron Ross When a big play is made by the defense, there's a good chance that Ross is going to be involved. Ross finished with five tackles and he was in on a game-changing play with his fumble recovery that killed a Texas Tech drive.