October 17, 2006

Tuesdays With Tiller: Purdue football notes

It's difficult, but Dorien Bryant says he's getting used to life as a decoy.

With defenses constantly double-covering him, ganging up on him whenever he touches the ball and reacting to his every gesture, the junior wide receiver says he's making the best of things.

"Any time I start to get frustrated, I just basically tell myself that there's nothing I can do about it," Bryant said. "It's not like I can go over to the other team's sideline and say, 'Hey, stop that. Set me up, please, just for a couple plays,' so there's no point in me pouting about it or getting frustrated about it. I just have to keep playing my game and hope things will play out for me."

Coach Joe Tiller said Bryant's progressed with how he deals with opposing defenses.

"He's better than he has been in the past," Tiller said. "His freshman year, when they did it to him, it kind of surprised him, then last year, (his reaction) was kind of like, 'It's not fair,' but now, he's maturing and he understands he's going to draw double coverage.

"Now, because he's seen our other guys produce, he's OK with that now."

Bryant is still Purdue's leading receiver with 41 catches, but on Saturday at Northwestern, only five of Curtis Painter's 35 completions went to No. 9.

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