September 21, 2006

Thursday Q&A: QB Matt Grothe

Q: What was your reaction to being named Big East Conference Offensive Player of the Week this week?

Grothe: Surprised, actually. I figured (Steve) Slaton from WVU, after running for almost 200 yards, would get it. But I'm just proud of my teammates for giving me the opportunity to win something like this.

Q: Two weeks ago you weren't even sure of your status on this team. How do you think you've grown over the past few weeks?

Grothe: Anybody is going to get better the more reps they get. I've just got to keep getting reps in practice and just . . . limit mistakes and get good at what I do. As long as we play as a team, it makes everybody look better. So the better we play as a team, the better we are going to look as individuals.

Q: Do you feel you're taking on a leadership role in this offense?

Grothe: Yeah, I mean I have to, you know. The coach is going to say we need somebody to step up, and we have a lot of guys that are good leaders on the team. But it's just fun being out there having an opportunity to do that. Guys are listening to what I have to say and I'll listen to anything they have to say, just as long as we are going to get better and better each week.

Q: What is everyone saying about this opportunity this week at Kansas?

Grothe: From what I've heard, we've never beaten a Big XII team, so that'll be something to do . . . knock off a Big XII school for the first time in school history. I know they've got a good defense. I haven't looked at their offense. I'll let my defense handle that. We'll have a challenge this week with their defense. It'll probably be the best defense we've seen, but we can definitely put some points on them if we play good enough.

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